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Support Staff at Campbell House School

Campbell House School have several support staff that work closely with students to provide access to quality learning to strengthen educational outcomes, enhance wellbeing outcomes, and achieve growth and attainment goals. 

School Administrative Managers (SAMs)

At Campbell House School our SAM is an integral part of the School Administrative and Support Team. The SAM assists the principal and executive team in planning and maintaining school routines and are responsible for the efficient management of school finances, work health and safety, and general administration. The SAM provides direct line management to the School Administration Officers and mentors and promote training to improve skills. 

The School Administration Officer (SAO) 

At Campbell House School our SAOs sit in the front office and will generally by the staff who welcome you both in person and over the phone to the school. The SAO supports the principal, executive team and SAM by undertaking a wide range of administrative duties to facilitate student learning, school routines, and classroom activities. SAOs respond to enquires across the school community, assist with enrolment process including uniforms, assist with the preparation of school documents, provide administrative supports to ensure programs are run efficiently throughout the school including purchasing resources, maintain inventories and stocktake, administer medications as required, provide care and support for sick and distressed students, and other related duties as determined by the principal and SAM. 

School Learning and Support Officers (SLSO)

Campbell House School has 9 classes with an allocated teacher and SLSO. The SLSO support students to access, engage and thrive in the classroom. SLSO staff work under the direction and supervision of the teacher. They assist students with school routines and classroom activities, assist the classroom teacher in the learning environment including implementation of individual education program, assist and support student to develop independent and pre-vocational skills, implement health care and behaviour plans, assist the classroom teacher with organising and preparing resources, participate in wellbeing activities, perform administrative duties, observe and record student performance and behaviour data, as well as other related duties as determined by the principal or supervisor. 

Senior Psychologist Education (SPE) and School Counsellor 

The school counsellor provides direct services to students using their expertise to support and enhance students emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing. The school counsellor works closely alongside the principal and executive team to assist with critical incident management and the creation and implementation of safety plans. The SPE provides direct line management to the school counsellor and supports the principal during points of crisis. 

General Assistant (GA)

The GA maintains the school grounds and buildings to ensure access to safe, clear, and clean learning environments. The GA performs roles including performing a range of tasks relating to the routine maintenance and upkeep of a Departmental school/grounds such as lawn and garden maintenance, identifying and reporting maintenance/safety issues, assisting with stock updates, organisation of classroom furniture and other related duties. 

Student Support Officer (SSO) 

The SSO works closely with the school counselling team, principal, and executive team to enhance the wellbeing and learning outcomes for students. SSO’s support the implementation of the school’s approach to wellbeing, helping students develop social and emotional skills through targeted strengths-based programs and strategies that build resilience, coping skills, and positive relationships. The SSO has a pivotal role in working collaboratively with external and government agencies to support students and their families.