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Building Positive Relationships In A Learning Community

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Anti Bullying Plan


Building positive relationships in a learning community is the motto of Campbell House School.

Our school rejects all forms of bullying behaviours including online cyber bullying and are committed to maintaining and providing safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environments that promote student wellbeing and growth. Everyone has the right to feel safe and learn in an environment free from harassment, intimidation, discrimination, or harm.

Bullying behaviour has three key features. It involves the intentional misuse of power in a relationship. It is ongoing and repeated, and it involves behaviours that can cause harm.

Bullying behaviour can also involve intimidation, victimisation, harassment, including that based on sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, both online and offline.

Bullying can be illegal if it involves behaviours that include physical violence, threats of violence, damaging property, or stalking.

Preventing and responding to bullying is the shared responsibility of all school staff, volunteers, students, parent, and carers.

Students are encouraged to talk to teachers and executive staff to report all forms of bullying.

Campbell House Anti-Bullying Plan 2023

Behaviour code for students

Anti-Racism Policy