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Positive Education

A Character Strengths curriculum has been shown to increase school success and life satisfaction.

Campbell House School is implementing a Strengths-Based Positive Education model to support the wellbeing of our whole school community.

Our Story implementing the Strengths-Based Model

First we made a plan: Positive Education Plan (DOCX 37KB)

Staff Strengths

Then the staff explored their strengths and the strengths of others by identifying individual strengths, discussing the 24 strengths, displaying their strengths, and getting creative with strengths webs.


Our next step was to introduce it to the students through assembly presentations introducing the strengths one by one, for example Resilience.

Whole School Focus

We then decided to focus on seven target strengths for our school, and are currently in the process of developing logos for each of these strengths.

Our initial target strengths are:

  • Forgiveness - the ability to show empathy, understanding and acceptance towards others
  • Self-Regulation - the ability to control your thoughts, feelings or behaviours
  • Perspective - a form of wisdom. It is having an open mind, being open and willing to listen to others points of view to look at the bigger picture
  • Leadership - being a role model by accepting challenges and changes, and guiding others to do the same
  • Gratitude - appreciation for what we receive from others, and the desire to do the same with our own actions
  • Perseverance - a combination of passion and persistence to keep on going in spite of obstacles that may be in the way
  • Social Intelligence - awareness of other people's motives and feelings. It is being able to speak and act to others appropriately

Here is a Powerpoint presentation that was delivered at assembly to introduce the strengths by Class 5. 

Introduction presentation

In another assembly the strengths were re-enforced by Class 6 to embed the language across the school. 

A program was put together to support students in understanding and implementing these strengths.

Teaching and Learning Plan (DOCX 532KB)

There are also a range of activities that take place at CHS to support the chosen seven strengths and ensure they are embedded across the school.

Strengths Activities (DOCX 123KB)