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About our school

Campbell House is a School for Specific Purposes that provides an alternative educational program for students Years 7-12 who have an emotional or behavioral disorder but who are of normal cognitive ability.

Campbell House caters for sixty-three students. 

Our focus is to assist students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and this is achieved by engaging experiential programs designed to make learning relevant and meaningful. All students are on an individual learning program that includes all Key Learning Areas, as required by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW. On exiting the Campbell House Program students receive either a Record of Achievement (RoSA) or the Higher School Certificate. Most students have developed a portfolio of credentials and work-related skills that offer many opportunities for students to seek and gain employment.

All students have behavior management plans that address their specific needs. Students are offered opportunities to develop strategies to allow them to learn self-management techniques that are effective and can be transferred to any environment.

At Campbell House, the Restorative Practise is the framework used for behavior management and conflict resolution. Students develop an understanding of the impact that their behavior has had on others and are given the opportunity to repair the damage that has occurred in their relationships with peers or staff. This approach develops empathy and focuses on the student taking responsibility for their own actions.

Student wellbeing is of high priority and we celebrate successes and acknowledge student achievement both in class and at weekly school assemblies. We also implement a Positive Education, a strengths-based approach which you can read more about at Positive Education.

The staff has worked consistently to build positive, effective partnerships with many community agencies to support student learning and wellbeing. Students are linked with services such as NOVA employment agency, mental health teams, TAFE, Opportunity Hub. Our focus on partnerships support the students in all aspect of their educational, social, health and vocational needs.

Please note

Please be advised that photos of students found on this website, or photos taken while visiting CHS, cannot be shared on personal social media sites without first getting permission from respective parents/carers.

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