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Healthy Eating Program

Campbell House School provides a free daily whole school breakfast and lunch as part of our commitment to providing access to healthy food and drink options. 

We utilise the school vegetable garden and Oz Harvest to supplement the purchasing of food items to create delicious and nutritious school meals. 

Through science, geography and project day construction group, students are learning valuable skills in how to build a sustainable garden that produces fruits and vegetables free from pesticides and chemicals. Students are responsible for planting, watering, keeping garden beds weed free, harvesting, and ensuring the soil is healthy. 

A Mini Woolworths store has been opened in the Hilltop Hall allowing access for the three Hilltop School Ajuga, Glenfield Park and Campbell House to provide opportunities for our students to develop confidence in a community and work environment. The Mini Woolworths store provides our students with hands on learning across many curriculum areas in an authentic environment. This will assist with engagement of all students with complex learning needs, whilst also promoting life skills, and developing employability skills to support with transition planning. We focus on Character Strengths and the partnership with Mini Woolworths assists in developing student strengths in teamwork, responsibility, self-regulation, leadership, bravery, social intelligence, persistence and a love of learning. 

Breakfast programs run from 8:00 - 8.30am where students have access to several food items including cereal, toast, fruit and Up & Go milk drinks. 

Our lunch program includes fresh home-made meals made by our support staff. We ensure that we cater for all dietary requirements, follow Departmental regulations around nuts and allergies, and provide halal options. Lunch menu items often include curries, soups, pasta, quiches and casseroles that include a number of fresh vegetables. 

The VET Hospitality Food and Beverage course provides catering for whole school events as well as hosts Grounded Café days termly to gain invaluable in-school work experience by providing a selection of food and drinks. These café days provide some free meal items and the option for staff and student to purchase items for a minimal amount. 

The Project Day Cooking Team run the pizza business where student learn through valuable in-school work experience how to run a small business. Students take orders, prepare and cook woodfire pizza, and deliver the pizzas across the Hilltop. Pizzas are available fortnightly weather permitting for a small fee.  

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